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Ivy School House provides quality preschool and after school care and early development in a supportive and loving environment.

Ivy School House is the vision of Sara and Nicholas Clark.  Sara and Nic wanted to provide a solid foundation for children entering Kindergarten in a safe and calm environment with a low student to teacher ratio. This foundation emphasizes outdoor play, language, math, science, reading, art and music.  


The creation of Ivy School House began after Sara and Nic's son graduated from preschool. After his graduation, Sara and Nic opened a Summer Camp for Pre-K children.  Now, they are broadening their vision of creating a balance between play and learning with an understanding of the working parent's schedule.  Sara's experience as an educational administrator for high ability students provided the vision for the Ivy School House program and curriculum.  


Ivy School House is a preschool program designed to engage students intellectually through activity and play in a safe environment.  Each week students explore the arts, sciences, and humanities through enriching activities.  Though we find great value in technology, we are an unplugged campus, meaning students will be learning through hands-on involvement, not behind a screen.  


At Ivy School House, everything is included:  a healthy snack and enrichment programs.

We are not currently offering after school programs, but will explore this option in 2023.



Ivy School House aims to provide the safest environment for their students.  The Preschool is located in beautiful Crozet.  This location provides plenty of green space for outdoor games and a bright classroom for indoor activities.  


Our staff is also CPR certified and trained in Basic First Aid.  



In order to provide proper care and attention to each student, we keep our school small, so space is limited.  We welcome prospective families to call or email to set up a tour.

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