Many after-school programs have an a la carte approach to enrichment programs, but at Ivy School House, every student enjoys ALL enrichment classes!
All students enjoy art, music, spanish, lego building, etc. as part of their daily curriculum.  

Math,  Science, and exploration!

Daily Spanish Immersion!

Art and Music!

Fresh air and plenty of fun!

Healthy Snacks provided!









​Ivy School House After-School Camp was created as an alternative to the extended day program provided by public schools.  For many kindergarten students the school day is long and exhausting.  Ivy School House offers an environment that is a calm transition from the busy school day while still providing the enrichment programs adjusted to the 5-8 year age group.  Because we aim to keep the program small for the students, we have limited space for this program.  Ivy School House Camp is located at our Ivy location just one mile from Meriwether Lewis Elementary School.  Contact us for more information.



What does a camp day look like?


All campers are currently Meriwether Lewis students.  Campers take a MLS school bus to the camp bus stop (approximately 1 mile from MLS).  The Camp teacher picks campers up from the bus stop and they walk to camp together.  Camp is just two houses from the bus stop.


At camp, students are greeted wtih a healthy vegetarian-friendly snack. 


After snack, campers come together for yoga and stretching followed by "circle time" where they discuss the project of the day.  


During circle time students discuss science, history, reading, mathematics, geography, etc.  Their hands-on activity supports the day's discussion.  Every lesson includes Spanish integration and new words are reviewed daily.  


Each week has a new theme with a rhythm of:

Monday:  Music

Tuesday: Science

Wednesday: Art

Thursday:  Math

Friday:  Reading/Theater



Full (4-5 days) & Part-Time (1-3 days) options

Camp is often open during MLS teacher

work-days and holidays

(additional charges for all-day camp)